A blog dedicated to the talented British actor, Tom Felton.
Best known for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, here he's best know for being the amazing human being he is.
I lead a Tom Felton appreciation life and now an appreciation blog.

  ramsaysnown said:
Happy birthday!! :)

Thank you!! ;)

  Anonymous said:
happy happy happy birthday xxx

Thank you, lovely anon! ;)

  alienaterr said:
your birthday is it?? Happy Birthday! nothing but the best for you!

Yeeess! Thank you, love! :3

Happy birthday !! You were the first blog I followed and I still do ! Thanks sweetie ! Have a good day xx

Wow! This means so much to me :D Thank you for staying with me since then


woke up to this tweet from tom felton :D!!!!

Happy birthday!!! I hope you're having a nice day!

Thank you so much, sweetheart!!

Happy Birthday! May Tom Felton himself realize he is in love with you.

OMG you’re the best haha thank you so much!!!!

  jvh1988 said:
Happy Birthday! <3 May all your wishes come true!

Thank you so much, love!!

Happy Birthday!!

thank you!!C:

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