A blog dedicated to the talented British actor, Tom Felton.
Best known for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, here he's best know for being the amazing human being he is.
I lead a Tom Felton appreciation life and now an appreciation blog.

tom felton | suits without tie

Your blog is orgasmic... and I'm not lying. Sorry for being so sincere LOL

 tom felton is ;) 

  Anonymous said:
THAT LAST GIF SET - is that a GUY? is he rough shagging a guy? please say yes.


nope, srry that’s tom felton with a woman X

  Anonymous said:
Is this the krusty krab

think you are a bit lost anon

  lovetfelton said:
Who is the real Tom??

 this handsome guy

  Anonymous said:
Do you think that Tom and Emma Watson not spoken anymore because of Jade?

I have no idea, my guess is as good as yours, though I really doubt it but that is just my opinion

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