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Interviewer: There hasn’t been a quidditch sequence in a while and I  just wondering in that sequence that you guys jump on a broom
Cause it’s really fun for us 
But when you actually have to film it, do you guys go ‘not the brooms again’ or what was the reaction to filming filming that?
Tom: A little bit, and let me assure you one person in a broom is pretty uncomfortable but two it’s not only uncomfortable but slightly awkward!
Interviewer: Why?
Tom: Well, they tie you together!
And when you’re not filming you have to kinda just sit there and sort of a sit so you’re not uncomfortable and yeah that’s pretty uncomfortable to say the less
Interviewer: We don’t want to give anything away so we are not naming the actor who shares the broom.
But does that mean you found stuff that you hadn’t know?
Tom: Oh it was a very personal experience!
Lucky that guy is a good friend of mine, so it wasn’t too bad. But needless to say we got a few jests from the stunt boys that where watching us.

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