A blog dedicated to the talented British actor, Tom Felton.
Best known for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, here he's best know for being the amazing human being he is.
I lead a Tom Felton appreciation life and now an appreciation blog.

Tom Felton at Men’s Burberry Show (June, 17)

“The robes had these huge pockets. The rumour was that they sewed them up after the third film because I was sneaking food and drink onto set. I want to clear this up because that is absolutely true. I think the other kids starting following suit. Wardrobe would put their hand in and it would be chocolate and sweets.” - Tom Felton 

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'Ah, Fail! Ah, Shit! Ah, it hit me in the head!'-Tom (x)

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tom felton and ernie from sesame street

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“I haven’t read the more explicit versions…”

- Tom Felton on Fanfiction

Josh: Niall has selected you as ‘The Guy’ If someone would like to play him in the film. What do you think?

Elizabeth: Who’s Niall?

Tom: Niall is one of the wonderful members of One Direction!… They are awesome! What’s really sweet is the rest of them have all said like ‘Tom Cruise’ or ‘Leonardo’ (DiCaprio), and then Niall said ‘Tom Felton’. …Yeah, It’s really flattering and I’m a big Directioner, so…

Elizabeth: Are you, really?

Tom: Get in the Loop, Lizzie, c’mon!

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Everybody do the Hollywood Ninja Kick…..x #boom - @TomFelton 

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